Can’t turn back.

“Man fuck! Doc I think I lost the rock”. Them was the last words I wanted to hear as we walked down Ella blvd. This nigga A.J. can fuck up a wet dream, which is kind of what he just did. I was just thinking about how good it was gonna feel to finally sit in the cut and fly away on my magic carpet ride. “What the fuck you mean you lost it? I knew I shouldn’t have given it to you! Damn!”, I shouted. Checking this nigga out the corner of my eye, all I could think about was slapping fire from this nigga. “We just have to retrace our steps or let’s go back to the motel room. Blue probably will front us some more work”, A.J said.I can hear the shake in this nigga’s voice, but I can’t tell if it’s his jones or if he can feel the heat rising up off of me towards his stupid ass. We bust a right and turn back around to search Ella like she was a ho holdin out on a pimp. I knew we wouldn’t find it so we stopped looking instead and stood under a tree to get away from the beaming sun.

“Look, I really don’t want to keep fucking with this nigga but we don’t have no way to come up to get more so if we go, let me do the talking”. A.J. agreed as we made our way to the room.About 15 minutes later, we arrived and after two knocks Blue opens the door.
“I hope you mothafuckas got some money this time”, Blue said as he peeped his head out the door.
I knew I could bargain and make a deal with him, but before I could say anything A.J. started to feign out and started that begging shit. “Say, man we just lost the work chunk us like a dime, you know we good for it”. “What?” yelled Blue. I just gave y’all some 10 minutes ago, naw that’s some dope feign game”.

“Come on please, you know we got you” A.J. continues to plead and beg. Blue steps from behind the door, I see the bulge from a gun at his waistline. “Move around you making the spot hot,if y’all ain’t got no money don’t even come back,” Blue says as he tugs at the gun before closing the door in our face.Leaving out the motel, walking back towards Ella ready to bust this nigga AJ get this monkey off my back one-way or another. I cracked my knuckles and right when I got ready to take my fury out on this nigga A.J. turns quick and says “Check it out , you see what I see?”. I check his eyes to see if this is a scheme to catch me slipping but I see the gleam in his eyes. I turn my head to look.
This seemed too good to be true. I turned around real slow taking in all of my surroundings and making sure no one was around. I knew I couldn’t move too fast.

“Doc, you see that U-Haul”? A.J hesitated as he starts to move towards the truck, I threw out, up stopping him mid-step. “Calm down my nigga!! You gotta learn how to maneuver. Aight check this out there’s gotta be something up in there we can hit fo. But we gotta walk cool and get in as we own it. Don’t move too fast “.So we moved in unison towards the truck. A.J. on the farthest side from the building, breaks the passenger side window and opened the door. He slipped in and slid across to open the other door for me. I hopped in and leaned across to check the glove box. I was looking for money but instead, I found… “Jackpot! It must be meant” I said as I pulled the keys out and quickly slid back to the driver’s seat and pulls off.

As we bend the corner, Blue peeps out the window of the room where he was caught up arguing with his chick. “They stealing my shit, I’m gonna fucking kill them!”, he hollered but it was too late to make a move as he watched us drive off. I stopped at the stop sign on the corner of Ella and Barren Springs when something in the back fell over. “Tha fuck? You heard that shit Doc? “ “Hell yea let me pull over up so we can check it out.” I pulled over at Commerce Park. We jumped out and lifted the roll-up door, laying there were stacks of kilos and a bag with more money than either of us had ever seen at one time. With an overwhelming look on my face, I turn to A.J. “I know we have gone stay high!” I gave A.J. a confused look.

“Nigga is you slow we on! Ain’t no more getting high fuck wrong with you?” I grabbed the bag of money and closed the U-Haul as we both get back in.”I’m glad it was money back there cause this bitch is running out of gas”. I pulled into a nearby Texaco. “Alright, I’ll be back bro don’t feign out on me A.J. and take the truck”. “Naw bro, I’m going in with you I gotta piss like a muthafucka.” I go to pay for the gas as AJ goes in the restroom. Little did I know peeing ain’t the reason. A.J. goes in the bathroom and smokes the rock that he claimed he lost earlier that day. When we get back in the truck, I looked at A.J. I can clearly see AJ wasn’t straight. This nigga was high as a kite. And this muthafucka said he lost it! I thought to myself. At that moment I realized I had to change my whole game plan. I hate to do it but I see this nigga too grimy. The dope really got him and all he can think about is getting high. He doesn’t really want no money, and I can’t let him fuck up mine. He’s greedy and he lied. I can’t trust his ass. I know what I’m gonna do. They always say give the nigga some rope and he’ll hang himself. As we drove we spotted a nearby I figured we could stay here for the night and make our next move.”A.J., check it out we gonna go get a room and I’m gonna give you this eightball. You can chill while I get this shit tucked. I’ll shoot back with some beer and shit so we can chill out. Then we can wait until the heat dies down before we make our next move”, I explained as I headed inside to get the keys for the room. I went up to the registration desk and told the clerk I needed a room. She told me it would be $45 a night I handed her a 50 as she handed me the keys.
Back at the truck, I gave AJ a key. “The room number is 206, don’t smoke shit until I get back”… “matter of fact, let me get that pipe up off of you just so you won’t be tempted to smoke until I get back”. “I ain’t tripping but alright I understand.” AJ hands me the pipe from his pocket and goes to get settled in the room. I got back in the truck, thinking about where I could stash this shit at. The only place I could think of was a storage place me and AJ used to sleep at when we couldn’t find anywhere to go. After getting the keys for the storage, I drove around opened it up and placed the kilos into you trash bags I got from the motel and put them inside the storage along with the money, grabbing a few thousand out of the bag. I decided to leave the UHaul by a nearby construction site and walked back to the motel, I figured whoever it belongs to will be looking for it so I had to get as far away from it as possible.

I was trying to be discreet in how I moved. I went to a corner store close by to grab a six-pack and some cigarettes, before going in I noticed Officer Shields parked at one of the pumps. Me and him have had a few run-ins over the years but right now I’m clean. He pulls alongside me, “Well, well, well look what we have here”, Officer Shields chuckle as he puts the car in park and gets out. “What seems to be the problem I’m not dirty I’m good,” I said taking a step back.”We’ll just see about that.” He grabs me and forces my hands on the hood of the car. As he begins to search me he feels something in my left pocket, and at that moment I knew I fucked up. “Oh, what’s this?” He sarcastically asks as he pulls out A.J.‘s pipe out of my pocket. Damn, why didn’t I leave that shit with him?
“You are under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you…”, he ran down my rights while cuffing and placing me in the car and proceeded to the police station. To be continued…


Imagine that.

In my world, when we die we get two choices: either we move onto the afterlife or we get a second go at things. A second go means that you get assigned to your child self in the form of an imaginary friend. They can see you and interact with you, but no one else can. I got assigned to little Bre around 3 years ago now. She’s awesome. I’m awesome, I guess? It’s odd. I don’t think of her as a past version of myself, I think of her as her own self.

“Hey. Get up”. I gently rock her shoulders in an attempt to wake her.

“Hmmrph. GO away”. Rude. She’s always like this first thing in the morning. I try to wake her up before her alarm because she always snoozes the fucking thing.

“Get up or you won’t get your presents”. It’s her 9th birthday today.

“‘Presents’?” She mumbles.

“Yes. Now get up”

She rubs the sleep from her eyes as she adjusts her position, sitting up in her overly large bed. She was so small for her age, naturally getting picked on in school for it. Kids are cruel. I’m not looking forward to when she gets older.

She raises her arms out and clinches her hands. She wants a hug. I go to her and wrap my arms around her.

“Go on, open it”

She leans forward and grabs the box, carefully slipping the paper under the bed and unraveling. She pulls out a small cardboard box and lifts the lid.

“Wha-what is it Bre?”

“It’s a dreamcatcher from my world. It’s very powerful. It will catch bad dreams and ensnare them, letting you have good ones instead”. I lift the dreamcatcher up, the one that I was buried with and let the moonlight glisten it. It was at 3 am.

“But Bre. I don’t get bad dreams?”

“Not yet, monkey. But you are about to experience the worst parts of your life.”

“BANG. BANG. BANG” a knock at the door. I grip her tighter. It’s her 9th birthday, and there’s nothing I can do. I can’t interact with the adults. I can’t interact with anyone who’s not a child. All I can do is watch as the beasts bust into her bedroom, angry. The smell of alcohol fills the room, coming off the man.

“Dad? What’s wrong?” She asks her voice hitching slightly in fear.

I shut my eyes. I can’t watch this. It was bad enough the first time. She deserves better. I can’t stop it. Why can’t I fucking stop it?

She lets out a blood-curdling scream as my spirit fades away.

AmeriKan Dream: Death Before Dishonor.

The smell of the body was starting to get to Bone as we drove down the highway; the car reeked of fresh blood and sewer leakage. Goin down the dull lush street Bone runs into a pothole and flattens the driver side tire.

“Dammit! Bristol, I think we have a flat,” yelled Bone.

“Don’t tell me that shit! That’s the last thing I needed to hear”, I said.

“I think we have a spare in the back hopefully”, said Bone pulling over.

I rushed to the trunk to grab the jack and spare. All of sudden I saw bright lights flashing behind me.

“Shit the cops!”, yells Bone as I shut the trunk.

Two cops got out the vehicle with their hands on their weapons. “You all okay,” one of them said as they strolled up.

“Yea everything is fine just a flat, officer.” I tried to explain.

“Show me some Identification please,”
One officer said.

“No problem sir here you go.” Bone says as we both hand over our IDs.

One of the officers grabbed the IDs and ran them then came back whispered to the other officer looked at each other suspiciously, and pulled out their guns walking back towards the car.

“Driver, I need you to reach for the handle slow and open the door,” the Officer said. “Passenger, do not fucking move or you will be next in handcuffs, ” the other officer said.

“Officer what’s the problem we were just changing our flat”, Bone explains.

“Wrong asshole, apparently your friend here has a warrant out for his arrest. So legally, I can do what I want and since your being a smart ass I need to see what’s inside the trunk.”

“Sure, go ahead”, I said knowing that Bone and I were on our way to jail once they discovered the body in the trunk.

The officer walked toward the trunk when suddenly, they received a call

“Officer down, officer down 10-85!”

“10-4 in route. Looks like God was with you ladies today we have more important shit to handle, stay out of trouble, one officer said.

“That was close let us change this shit and get the hell out of here,” said Bone.

Back on the road, we were still looking for a secured place to dump the body, my head was still baffled by what just happened, and tonight in a whole was one I’ll never forget. All, of a sudden red, spotted a wooded area as we pulled over, got out, grabbed the shovels, and started digging.

“Let’s get the bastard buried so I can get home to wifey,” I said.

“Don’t forget about the deal in the morning with Hector?” said Bone.

“Oh, yea I almost forgot, man I’m getting fed up with this guy,” I said.

“Yea (laughing) I” might just get rid of his ass,” said Bone. ” You see what you got us into tonight,” I said, and you don’t want to fuck with them
Colombians trust me.

I pulled out my phone and had 20 missed calls from my girl Jane.

“You still messing with Jane psycho ass I see,” said Bone.

“Yea she not going, nowhere,” I said.

“That’s your problem you to busy chasing these women instead of money,” said Bone.

“Whatever just grab the damn body.”

We ended up getting away that day leaving no trace that’s just how Bone and I operated, we were going to get the job done no matter what and eliminate anyone who steps in our way. Later that night we decided to go to the dollhouse to blow off some steam. I ended up leaving with my regular that night and ended up making it home late. I crept into to bed without Jane noticing, well I thought I did. A few hours later I hear

“Oh yeah bitch!” said Jane, as she slaps me out of my sleep with my phone in her hand I knew it had to be serious from the rage in her eyes.

“What the fuck Jane!? ” I said Jumping out of bed. “What’s up with all these hoes in your fucking phone”? She said angrily.

” You worried about the wrong shit,” I said as I snatched the phone from her hand, “What the fuck are you going through my phone for anyway?” she tried to slap me again, but I saw it coming I took a step back and grabbed her arm but somehow she slaps me with her other hand.

” I’m getting tired of you just get your shit and go,” Jane said crying. In the middle of the argument, my phone rings. “Let me guess it’s one of your hoes”? Said Jane.

“Chill its business, hello? “What the hell are you doing”? “I’m outside I told you I’ll be here at 12 Bristol,” said Bone

“Oh shit, I forgot we had to do that I’m getting ready now” Jane looks at me with a disappointing stare” Where the fuck you think you going?” “I got to go make a drop real quick, I’ll be back,” I said.

“A drop? See that’s the shit I’m talking about every time shit gets heated between us something always comes up,” said Jane. “You knew the type of lifestyle I lived before you got with me”, I said.

“you think I care about your lifestyle? and you’re not going anywhere,” she said.

“How do you think the bills get paid? I don’t have time for your shit right now,” I said.

I walked to the closet to get dressed and got ready to leave. “When you get back we must talk about our situation,” Said Jane. “Yea we do I feel bad about what happened, I love you, I’ll make it up to you I promise babe,” I said walking out the door. You say that every time, nothing has changed “I need actions, not promises Bristol” said, Jane as I walked out the door. “Change of plans the connect said we are meeting at a new location,” said Bone “The fuck for?” I said.

“I don’t know he was acting weird when I talked to him,” said Bone. “I can’t put my finger on it, but I got a bad feeling about this guy Bone,” I said. “Stop being a pussy said, Bone. All of sudden his phone rings. “Speaking of the devil this him now,” said Bone.
“We are on the way now be there in about 15min”, Bone says with an irritated look on his face.

“What did he say?” I asked. “He told me to make it 10min, I don’t know what’s his problem talking to me crazy, I got something for his ass though but anyways whatever happened with you and that bitch from last night?” said Bone.” I took her to this motel and blew her back out and she sent me nudes this morning Jane got on my ass bro” I said laughing.

“You stay getting caught up, ” said Bone we both laugh then Bone turned the radio up as we headed to our destination. I felt a little funny like something wasn’t right. That drive on the way to the deal I didn’t know what it was, but I had a bad feeling in my gut like it’s a setup and every time I get this feeling I’m right. When we arrived, the Colombians were standing outside looking pissed. Where’s the product? Said, Hector, as we walked up I threw a duffel bag with 4 kilos of cocaine. “Where’s the money?” said Bone Hector looked at one of his men holding a suitcase as a sign to hand over the money

“I still don’t understand why we had to change locations,” says Hector.

I thought Hector wanted to change locations I said to myself confusingly. As four men on motorcycles pull up each holding an automatic weapon killing Hector and his comrades, Bone and I also got hit suddenly a black SUV pulls up some guy gets out, pick Bone up and put him in the back of the SUV.

“He’s waking up!” I heard a lady’s voice said as the vision cleared.

I was in a bed in what clearly looked like a hospital. When I awoke I didn’t feel normal it wasn’t like waking up in the morning, in fact, it didn’t feel like it had been over a year. I was weaker and confused.

“How are you feeling?” the Doctor asked. Feeling lost and too frail to even consider answering, I just nodded. “You suffered from head trauma when you were shot in your back, you fell and hit your head. Luckily, the bullet missed your spine by a few inches. I just need to check your vital signs to make sure everything is fine”. How long have I been in here? I asked.

“You’ve been here since January,” replied the Doctor. “What month is it?”, I asked.

“It’s December” the Doctor replied ed.

“December!? You have to be joking!” yelled Bristol. “I have to get out of here I have a business to run,” I said.

“Don’t worry, we’re just waiting for some test results to come back. If everything looks good then you should be out of here by 3 weeks, until then less stress, more rest” said the Doctor, walking out the room. Growing impatient, I decided to sneak out, so I grabbed my clothes. While leaving the room, I saw a staircase so; I maneuvered my way to it without being seen by the nurses and doctors. Getting to the first bus stop I have seen, all I could think was

“How could this shit happen?”

I should have known when Bone said Hector changed locations; he never changes how he does business. I have to get to the house so I can figure this shit out. Getting off the bus, I walk up to the door and rang the doorbell. When she answered the door, her face was in a shock as this guy emerged from behind her “Can I help you?” he asked,

“Who the hell is he?” I replied looking at Jane “I’m her boyfriend Todd”. I then punched him knocking him to the floor.

“What the hell is going on?” Yells Todd as he gets up. “That was a cheap shot”. “I think you should leave for now I’ll call you later Todd ” Jane said.

“Are you serious? Whatever just call me later, ok?” Said Todd, as he reaches to give her a kiss but she turns her head “Oh it’s like that? Ok” Todd said walking away.

Jane closes the door as I stepped in, “I see you move on quickly,” I said. “I thought you were dead” she stated, “Why are you here anyway?” She asked. “I need my safe storage key. I know you got it. Where is it?” She goes into her bedroom to get the key. I knew by the way she was behaving, that she was either involved or had knowledge of what happened. “So why weren’t you at the hospital Jane?” I asked as I grabbed this knife sitting on the table.

“Like I said I thought you were dead,” she said to me. I asked her “So you didn’t think to come to the hospital to see if I was”. “No”, she said apprehensively giving me the key. I pulled her in close as I smiled and kissed her. “I can forgive a lot of things but, what I can’t do is let myself trust someone who lies to me,” I said stabbing her. Her blood started dripping to the floor hundreds of drops, like a red rain of death her legs began to give in, I let her go as she dropped to the floor. I cleaned up the mess and wrapped her body to get rid of it. The next day I got up early to dump the body and to dig up the safe containing $25,000, I had buried in case something happened. This should keep me afloat for the time being. Next, I went to the car wash to get the smell of Jane’s body out of the car. Walking in the car wash, I notice the manager arguing with one of his employees. “Damn kid where the hell you been? I’ve been calling your phone for about 20 minutes now!” said Andy the manager. “I’m sorry Andy. Man I got into a little situation” said Chris.

“This is the third time this week. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to let you go,” said Andy walking off.

“What the hell? I was only 5 minutes past grace”, said Chris furiously.

He noticed I was watching from afar. “What the hell you looking at?” he asked, as he walks out of the car wash. I followed after him.

“Hey man,” I said stopping him “What’s up?” Chris responded.

“I saw what happened in there. If you ever want to make some real money I got a job for you” Oh yeah what’s the job?” he asked. I said, “Let’s exchange numbers I’ll call you with the details”. Chris replied “Ok cool”. On his way home, Chris ran into some guys from a rival neighborhood. “Damn I don’t have time for this,” he said as he locked eyes with the two men. They proceed by disrespecting him with gang signs; he then gets out to confront the two men, but they pulled out guns and fired at Chris so he runs back to the car to avoid the gunfire.

“Damn I can’t keep living like this,” he says as he starts his car and drove off, but the two men cut Chris off as he tries to make a turn, but runs into a curve. Later that day Chris was laying in his bed with his hands behind his head thinking while looking up at the ceiling when suddenly he gets a knock at the door.

It’s Rico his friend from the neighborhood.

“Wassup homie,” says Rico, as Chris opens the door “Ain’t shit, what’s good?”

“I heard what happened at the shop,” Rico said laughing.

“Man fuck that nigga he was on some more shit I was like 10 minutes late.”

“Yeah, but don’t even worry about it. I came to talk to you about some business anyways” says Rico as he pulls out a marijuana joint and lights it.

“What it’s looking like?” Says Chris as Rico passes him the joint.

“I got this chick on the south side, her daddy fucks with them valley niggas. She said that nigga got 9 ounces of some dope and 2 AK’s.”

“Why are you fucking with them south side hoes especially them bitches on the valley you know we don’t fuck with them, and how you plan on getting this shit?” Says Chris.

“Man doesn’t worry about all of that everything is green, she wants me to come over later on tonight her daddy goes to work like around eight o’clock. I just need to know if you down?”, Says Rico.

“Nigga I’m down I’m just not for the crash dummy shit.”,Says Chris handing the joint back.

“Bro you know you good with me.”

“Man comes back through later on bro,” said Chris.

A few hours later Rico knocks at the door. “You ready or you went pussy out on me?” Says Rico.

“Nigga lets go,” said Chris

“Ok bet my sister let me use her van said, Rico.

“Let me drive”, said Chris”Rico gives him the keys and both get in the car.

As they pulled up to the girl’s house they made sure to stay low profiled and out of the sight of rival gang members.”

Ok look I’m about to go in I ‘ma text you when it’s good”. Rico says as he gets out of the van, heads to the front door, and rings the doorbell.

“Hey, baby come in, lock the door behind you,” The girl says as she opens the door.

“Ok,” says Rico locking door then unlocks it when Nina walks towards the room.

Chris gets a text from Rico letting him know it’s good to come in, and where everything was. He then gets out walked inside the house quietly as possible, while walking to Nina’s dad’s room he overhears Rico and Nina having sex and starts laughing as he goes into the room. Chris opens the closet and spots the 9 oz’s, and guns Rico was talking about also a bag with $5000 inside. He then puts the dope in the bag with the money, grabs the guns, and heads out the door. As he puts the bag in the car, he notices a red van pulling up in the front yard. He then gets in and texts Rico.

Rico putting his clothes back on receives the text. “Oh shit your daddy here”, he yells.

“Why you say that?”, Nina asked while lying in the bed.

“I think I saw him pull up”, says Rico as he looks out the bedroom window

“Isn’t that him?”, said Rico.

“That is him Ok look just chill. When he goes in the garage go out the window” she said. ”

Nina! Why the fuck my door open?” Her dad yells. Rico opens, jumps out of the window, and runs to the van then gets in. “Damn you almost got your ass caught.” Says Chris speeding away. Fuck all that did you get the shit? ” asks Rico “Hell yeah, bro and the nigga had 5 racks in a duffel”
“Ah, shit my nigga let’s get this money.” They celebrated as they drove off, and headed back to the neighborhood.

Nina walks downstairs, as her dad, stands in the doorway looking furious.

“Nina, Why is my door wide open!?” He yelled. “I don’t know dad I’ve been in the room sleep since you left this morning”. “You’re telling me this entire time I been gone you were sleep while somebody was robbing our house.”? He asked her sarcastically. “Yes, dad, I was knocked out I didn’t hear anything at all.”
“You know I have surveillance cameras, right? We’re about to get to the bottom of this shit right now”. ” “Ok I admit I invited a boy over while you were gone but he was with me the entire time I swear,” she said anxiously.

“So, you lied to me? I’ve told your ass a thousand times never to invite anyone in my house!” He yells.

“I know dad I’m sorr-“.

“Sorry!? I taught you better than this Nina”, he said as he pulls up the surveillance footage.

“It looks like your friend brought someone else with him, and while you two were in the room doing lord knows what he was doing the robing”.

“Tell me this fuckers name right now.”

“All I know is Rico we just met”.

“That make shit even worse you don’t even know this guy but you invite him to your house how dumb can you be Nina?” He said as he continued to shout.

Daddy, I’m sorry. Being sorry not about to change the fact that my shit has been stolen. You can say bye to your little friend because that shit is over with now tell me where he lives.

“I don’t know honestly, I only know where we first met and a few places he likes to hang”.

“Get to talking!”

“We met at club L28 he goes there every Saturday night he’s one of their top club promoters

“Good, now I want you to call him on the phone”.

“Right now?”

” Yes right now and put it on speaker, act like nothing happened just like you would if I wasn’t around and tell him that I just left and you want him to come back over”.

She nods her head and makes the call but it’s going to voicemail. That youngster smart I’ll give him that but don’t worry about it if he goes to those spots like you says he does ill catch him slipping. He walks to his room to make a call.

“Bone! What’s going on boss man?”

“You know taking it one day at a time”, Bone said.

“That’s good to here I was calling to let you know a small situation happened today but you don’t have to worry-”

“What do you mean by the situation? Don’t fuck with me right now Ace” Bone says as he interjects.

“Don’t worry I caught them on camera” Ace says nervously.

“Well send the footage to my phone and we will figure out what to do from there,” Bone says as he hangs up the phone and walks into a warehouse, as he approaches two men waiting inside.

“Well, it took you long enough.”
One of them said looking at him furiously.

“My apologies Gator, I ran into a situation I hope you weren’t waiting too long but what I have to talk to you about is worth the wait”.

“So what exactly are you trying to do and how can my organization benefit?”

“Well from what I understand the 53rd Street family are one of the most feared and respected gangs in the city and with my connects and money we can take over the city together”. I don’t know that’s something”.

“I would have to sit down with my people and talk about,” says Gator.

“We can take over these streets. Either these dudes get money with us or we blow shit up! You feel me G?” Bone explained.

They shook hands and came to an agreement when bone when suddenly Bones gets a text message from Ace sending him the surveillance footage.

“Everything good?” Gator asks as Bone looks at the surveillance video with frustration.

“One of my distributors was hit today and some of my product was stolen” Bone explained.

“Aye I recognized them, says Gator glancing at bones phone.

“Oh, you do?”

“Yeah they be on 62nd Street, they’re down with a little crew called 6 deuce Outlaws. On the off chance that you need this circumstance dealt with I can deal with it for you”, Gator says.

“Say no more” Bone says as they shake hands and both leave

2 hours later…

Chris and Rico were trying to find a way to get rid of the 9 oz when Chris gets a phone call. “Hello, who is this?” Chris said as he answers the phone. “Yes this is Bristol we met at the carwash I told you I would give you a call about a job”

“Oh, yea so what’s up with it?”

“Can you tome at my hotel? I rather”
have this conversation in person”.

“Yes send me the address”, Chris said as he hangs up the phone.

Bro, I need you to take me somewhere real quick but when I get back we can figure out what we’re going to do with this shit”, Chris says to Rico.

“Okay cool, I got you I’m trying to get back to the hood and get on this dice game anyway”, Rico said as they made their way to Bristol’s hotel.

62nd St, 10:26 PM. The dice game was in full effect in the alley next to Rico’s house, which reeked of weed.

“Roll them fuckin’ dice and lose ya fuckin’ money, nigga!”, Rico hollered as a red van pulled alongside them.

Three men in sleeveless tees and dull dark-colored ski masks jumped out shooting as everyone scatters, one of the men snatches Rico and toss him in the back of the truck as they all get back in the truck and drive off….. To be continued.

For a few dollars more.

Nightlife could be the right life
If you’re willing to sacrifice.
B always has a plan
This one involves a skinny dude
Overseen by a large man.
Actually, make that two
I see the other from the corner of my eye Barely in my view.

Getting him to the room is the goal but how is the challenge. “If you slip these two pills in his drink, we will have the advantage,” B said.

Don’t move too fast, don’t move funny. You have to be quick and calm to get his money. Left foot, right foot, one foot in front of the other. I put my request in with the bartender to distract this brother

“Double vodka on the rocks” Be sneaky, like a fox.

I tapped my glass to get his attention
His flirtatious smile parted and begin to mention. He just had to know
Why a beautiful woman like me
Is it a club, solo.

I smiled but my response was interrupted by an altercation.
Two men arguing was the situation
It was also my time to do the crime.

Two pills in his drink, they dissolved quick. After the altercation, we continued our conversation as he started to get dizzy and slur in his speech.

He asked, “What’s your name?”
– Mercy, someone you never wanted to meet.

Teacher Secret Part 1

Leaving my apartment I set out into the city “I am finally here” I thought to myself I was so excited about what was to come new city new job and new opportunities. I was finally living my dream as a high school teacher in New York. As I walk down the streets of Manhattan trying to find something to kill my hunger I noticed a restaurant called the sub-train. Walking in I was quickly seated by the host and ordered a roast beef sandwich. After a while my food finally arrived I started to devour my sandwich I barely looked up. But then I heard a giggle, and then I turned my head for a brief moment and noticed a beautiful woman. She had a cheerful but childish laugh. “You have something on your lip mind if I help?” she asked as she wiped the food off, she could barely sit still due to her childlike giggles. “There you go all better I’m Jasmine by the way and you are?” she asked, “David, my name is David” I responded. “Nice to meet you David you’re not from around here, are you? She asked as she sits next to me. “No, how’d you know?” I asked. “Because people usually don’t order the roast beef sandwich it’s not exactly been the owners are said to use dog meat,” she whispered. I suddenly felt the need to barf. “Oh relax I’m just joking,” she says hysterically laughing. “Very funny,” I said sarcastically. “But I asked because I’ve never seen you around before,” she said. “I just moved here got a new job, what about you what do you do for a living?” I asked. “I’m actually in college I’m out for the summer,” she says as her phone rings she hesitates before deciding to answer it “hello, hey yeah I’m on the way now okay. I’m sorry I have to go but it was nice meeting you again David,” she said as she gets up and walks out of the restaurant. I stayed there for a few minutes before deciding to leave myself, as I walked out I noticed she was standing at a bus stop nearby with a look of frustration I get in my car and pull next to her. “Is everything all right?” I asked. “I don’t have enough bus fare to get home but hopefully the bus driver is nice enough to let me on.” She said. “Well I could give you a ride,” I said. “I don’t know I usually don’t get into a car with strangers” Jasmine responded with a sarcastic smile on her face. “I promise I won’t bite” I responded. Jasmine looked around at her surroundings and decided to take my offer. “All right let’s go,” she said getting in the car. The car ride was very quiet minus the radio playing in the background as we pulled up at a stoplight a notification starts to ring off on my phone. “Oh, I forgot Max,” I said. “Who is Max?” She asked curiously. “The German Shepherd I have to feed him one time if I don’t he’ll tear my apartment up do you mind if I stop and feed him my apartment is just right here”. “No I don’t mind” she responded. Arriving at my apartment, I put the car into the park without turning the car off “I’ll be right back” I said getting out of the car. As I get into my apartment I noticed Max had already started to wreak havoc on the place I could tell he was hungry by the way his tail was wagging. Then I hear the front door open, and unfortunately so do Max. “Oh my God” screamed Jasmine as Max runs and jumps on her. “Max! Get down” I yelled. “I just needed to use the restroom,” Jasmine explained. Oh no you’re fine it’s down the hall to the left she smiled and preceded to the restroom. I wait a couple of minutes and then she finally comes out, with a towel wrapped around her. I was confusingly shocked at what I was witnessing she then walks over to me grab my hand, and brought it under the towel. My hand felt the warmth of her vagina. It was deep, warm, and very wet. She then takes off the towel unzips my pants, took out my penis, and put it in her mouth. I tried to move, but it felt as if invisible threads tied down my body. She took off my jacket, my tie, my pants, my shirt, my underwear, and made me lie down on the couch. Then she mounted me and used her hand to slip me inside her. Once she had me deep inside, she began a slow rotation of her hips. My erection grew larger and harder. I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. Once we were done we cleaned up and I dropped her off at home. “Well it was nice getting to know you David,” she said smiley as she gets out the car and goes inside her house. I didn’t see her for the rest of the summer. A few weeks later school started and I was excited to begin shaping the minds of the youth. Unfortunately, on my first day, I was late and a sub had to had to fill in. Once I arrived I relieved the sub, thankfully I wasn’t that late. “Alright class my name is Mr. David, welcome to geometry I hope to have a great school year,” I said writing my name on the Whiteboard. The class was very rowdy I can tell that I wasn’t the only one excited about the first day of school I started to calm them down to get started on the agenda as I noticed a childlike laugh that I’ve heard before as I gaze to my left. Jasmine and I locked eyes as her mouth drops open; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. To be continued…

The Grass Not Greener

“I thought we said through thick and thin,” said Chris as he stood at the door. “Not this thin,” said Ashley walking away with all her stuff packed. Never in a million years he would have thought it would come to this. Did she show her true colors that day? Chris can sense the change in her, this wasn’t the girl he fell in love with. It all started a week ago one night when Chris came home from work. He notices Ashley was being distant, and he’s been feeling the tension in the house lately. He cuts on the TV to break the awkward silence as they sat on the couch.

Attempting to interact with her laughing to get her into the TV show but fails at every attempt. He cuts off the TV admiring her beauty wondering what could be wrong, why she is acting like this. “Why are you staring at me? You know I hate when you do that,” Ashley says with aggravation in her voice. “Baby what’s wrong? I’ve been noticing you’re not acting like your usual self. I am your husband anything, that’s going on you can tell me I am here for you,” said Chris as he moves closer to her on the couch. “Do you want me to be completely honest with you?” She says. “Yes talk to me, that’s why I’m here,” says Chris not knowing what to expect.

” I don’t know if I want to do this anymore. I’m just not feeling it,” she says with a look of discontent. “What? I don’t understand, I know we have our problems Ashley, and I know I can try harder to find a better job, I promise things will get a better baby” says Chris. “No, you should have been got your shit together. This relationship is too stressful and the lies you told me in the beginning even though I forgave you I still can’t get over it and to be honest a guy I used to talk to hit me up I told him we have problems but I told him that I was conflicted about us. I’m just tired of struggling and stressing, plus we are never intimate with each other Chris. I don’t even want you kissing or touching me I’m done.” Chris in shock tried pleading and begging, trying to understand why.

“Look you have a lot to work on as a man, and at this point, I feel like I can no longer help you,” she says as she gets up walking in the restroom. Following her, Chris asks “Can we at least try counseling before we throw our marriage away?” Sarcastically she responds “I really don’t want to be 22 years old going to marriage counseling”, as she wrapped her hair up to lay down. “But you rather be 22 and divorced,” he said walking into their room when all of a sudden Ashley gets a message on Snapchat saying “Are you alone?” She replies, “No he’s here”, then walks in the room and sits on the edge of the bed. Chris was staring at the ceiling wondering how the hell did it get this far. “OK, I’ll go to marriage counseling on one condition. You have to set up the appointment in a weeks time and you have to pay.”

“You got it,” says Chris I just hope we can work this out. “I’ve given you chance after chance Chris I think I have made my mind made up but we’ll see,” She said moving towards the opposite end of the bed sleeping under a different cover. This was the first time in their marriage they slept with different covers, she also went to sleep with her phone under her pillow, which was strange to Chris because she has never done that before. The next day when they got up Chris had to work, on the ride, their Ashley yells, “The fact that you put the butter inside of the cabinet is what I can’t deal with.” “I was high babe sorry,” says Chris. “You’re always sorry, just like this guy in front of us his girl shouldn’t be dropping him off she uttered.” “Ugh! Just get out.” “Damn you don’t see her pushing her dude out of the car, do you? “She pointed the finger then, sped off. Chris walked into work outraged.

Ashley arrives back at the apartment as her friend Bianca decides to facetime her. “Hey girl what are you doing?” “Hey, Ash looking at this application trying to find a replacement for Maria.” “Yea that bitch been slipping,” said Ashley as they both laugh. “Girl do I have some tea for you,” Ashley says. “Guess who hit me up the other night.” “Bitch who?” “Daniel fine ass” “Girl stop lien,” says Bianca “I swear,” Ashley says. “You know that use to be your bee,” Bianca said. “Girl I know technically we never really stop fucking with each other.” “What do you mean aren’t you married?” Bianca said confusedly. “Yes, bitch but we just fell off when I went to college” “Oh OK now I see I’ll pick Daniel over Chris any day you know I how I feel about him sis” Bianca responded.

“Yes girl I do and I finally realized what you meant about Chris, he can’t give me the things I need. Plus Daniel and I Been talking for a few days now and I think I’m starting to fall for him again and I’m just done with Chris he’s just not who I thought he was, our vibe with each other is off, he’s childish, doesn’t have a car, and he not really trying to find a better job I feel like I’m doing it all by my self its too stressful ” Ashley says with tears running down her face damn girl he’s not the one you deserve better than this.” I feel bad for feeling like this because who wants to give up on their husband? But I can’t do it anymore.” says Ashley “Don’t feel bad if you’re not happy, marriage is just a word if the person not fulfilling your needs then they got to go” Bianca says “I know and now he wants to go to counseling I said I’ll go but I really don’t want to, I wish I can just take my name off the lease and just go. I’m tired of being a housewife to someone who can’t do anything for me” Ashley says. “Well girl you have a decision to make,” replied Bianca.

As they got off the phone Ashley starts to think was she really in love? Is this as good as it gets? She just thinks she could be happier with someone else. Her curiosity starts to get the best of her and she may start feeding into some of the flirts with the co-workers, classmates, whoever. She really likes the attention she gets and she learns the more she gives to these guys, the more they flirt with her. How far is too far? At this point, she is just caught in the moment. She wants out but does not have a valid reason to get out. Now, every tiny thing that goes wrong has her asking herself, “Is this enough of a reason to be able to walk away guilt-free?” At the same time, Chris is at work stressed about the marriage he knows she was the one for him. He is not going to give up he was going to fight.

Later that week they went to see the marriage counselor Chris found at a local church. When they walked in, they found two chairs set up a few feet apart facing one another. “We’re going to learn how to Dialogue and hopefully you’ll use these methods at home,” the counselor said as they took their seats. “Chris, I’d like you to speak first,” she said. “I get the feeling that Britt does most of the talking in this relationship, and it would be good for you to talk.” Ashley resisted the urge to explain to her that someone has to do the talking; instead, she settled back into her chair and prepared to listen.

“I guess… um… I feel like…” Chris began to tell the things felt was wrong in their relationship. As Ashley bit her tongue thinking to herself that “what he felt like was bullshit.” After five minutes of explaining himself, Ashley interrupted saying “Jesus, Lady. How much more of this are we going to listen to?” “Let him finish” the counselor responded, “NO I have to be honest I came here to let Chris know that I am leaving him.” Chris is now a huge wreck. He has no idea what just happened. He thought things were going to work out and they were ready to take the next step, and now she is leaving? Now she is out exploring and thinking she is having the time of her life. She has surrounded herself with guys that make her feel good about herself. She is single now, so hey she can give a little more and not feel guilty about it. Now she is giving more and more to each of these guys.

At this time, Chris is still calling and texting and falling apart and actually going through the breakup. The highs and the lows and the really low. But he doesn’t care; he is determined to get his baby back no matter what it takes. No matter how hard he tries, she just keeps pushing him away. He still does not want to give up, so he is going online trying to find ways to get his girl back. He finally decides he is going to try the no contact rule. He sees that a lot of people talk about it and some say it works great. He feels this is his best option so does it for like 2-3 days until he sees something on Facebook or recalls a fond memory and breaks. He calls her, only to be ignored, which really frustrates him. Here he is, trying to give her some space, but at this moment he just needs to hear her voice. So, he starts calling a lot and texting her again. One day, she finally breaks and answers. She is nice but also makes it clear that she does not feel she has made a mistake. She is happy it’s over and hopes the best for him.

He realizes that less contact is not working and the only thing to do is cut all contact So he stops, and this time for good. Meanwhile, She is still doing her own thing. Going on dates, seeing guys that really just want to have sex. Guys that don’t want to settle down, but they feed her whatever it takes. Then, once the guy gets what he wants, all the sudden he is gone. And then the next, and the next, and however many it takes before she starts feeling used. She starts to realize that’s the life she wants. She misses having someone who actually cared about her. And not just sex. She now starts to miss how much she used to be valued. She decides she is going to get back with her ex. But its too late he as moved on and is now with someone new. Now she’s trapped in the life of the fly niggas with diamond rings divorced last year now she’s up 20 guys quickly spreading around the city like she has a point to prove. Stressed out smoking Kush, graduated to coke. Prostituting her body on 304 Park Avenue. You may think the grass is greener on the other side unless you take time to water your own.